Job Title:  Dream Camp Summer School Assistant Principal         Wage/Hour Status: Exempt

Reports to: Dream Camp Principal                                             Pay Grade: Stipend $7500

Dept./School: Instructional Leadership                                      Date Revised: December 2020     

Primary Purpose:

Assist principal with the direction and management of the instructional program and assist with the supervision of operations and personnel of the elementary summer school program.  Provide leadership to ensure high standards of instructional service. Oversee compliance with district policies, success of instructional programs, and operation of all program activities.






Special Knowledge/Skills:


AP Principal Duties:


Assistant Principal:

June 1, 2021 - July 9, 2021 - Instruction days  -  *Subject to changes per COVID-19 guidance.

7:30-4:30 daily  ***Hours may change given COVID-19 guidance.

$7500 Stipend